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    International Journal of Research in Technology (IJRT) is a one- stop, scholarly online, open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, bimonthly, and fully refereed journal focusing on recent advancement in field of science, engineering and technology. It aims to help the scientists and engineers involved in research making this growing global forum to publish papers covering their original research or extended versions of already published conference/journal papers, scholarly journals, academic articles, etc.


Volume 1, No.1,December 2014  click here
Volume 2, No.1, February 2015  click here
Volume 2, No.2, April 2015  click here
Vol.2, No.3 June 2015  click here
Volume-2, Number-4, August 2015  click here
Vol.2, No.5, October 2015  click here
Volume-2, Number-6, December 2015  click here
Volume-3,Number-1, February 2016  click here
Volume III, Number II, April 2016  click here
Vol.III,NO.III June 2016  click here
Vol.III,No.IV, August 2016  click here
Vol.III,No.V,October 2016  click here
Vol.III,No.VI, December 2016  click here
Vol.IV,No.I,February2017  click here
Vol.IV,No.III, June 2017  click here
Vol.IV,No.IV, August 2017  click here
Vol.IV, No.V,October 2017  click here
Vol.IV,No.VI, December 2017  click here
Vol.V,No.1, February 2018  click here
Vol.V,No.II,April 2018  click here
Vol.V,No.III, June 2018  click here
Vol.V, No.IV, August 2018  click here
Vol.V.,No.V,October 2018  click here
Vol.V,No.VI,December 2018  click here
Vol.IV,No.II,April 2017  click here
Vol. VI, No.I,February 2019  click here
Volume-VI,No.III June 2019  click here
Volume-VI,No.II April 2019  click here